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The band has had a number of lead guitarists, starting with Andy in 2006, followed by Guy a couple of years later, then Mark and Rich for a bit and then our roadie Tom came on board. Tom left early in 2015 to be replaced by Martin, but was soon back after a couple of months.

Keyboard player Ian also left the band in 2011 for a year but re-joined Tundra again in 2012. After 4 years with the band Ian left again in 2016 to take another break and the band has since decided to continue as a 4-piece.

Tundra’s success with our audiences is undoubtedly down to an intoxicating mix of great music from 5 decades that everyone can dance to, combined with stunning individual performances by talented musicians.

We play primarily as a 5-piece band but can also perform as a guitar-based 4 piece band. Our music is a mix of modern dance hits, rock, rock and roll, pop classics and many other genres which appeals to a wide range of age groups.

For more information on our music please visit our set list and also see and hear us perform on our video & mp3 page

Whilst so many local bands start up and then split up, Tundra have always been one of the most reliable bands on the Bristol music scene, performing almost consistently since 2006 and always honouring our commitments.

Our success is not just down to the friendships in the band, but also down to the enjoyment we get from creating amazing music.

Our History

Singer Mark formed the original Tundra back in 1989 with bassist Karl and some friends. Some years later in 2006 Karl and keyboard player Ian were part of a new band that took the same name and Mark came back on board a year later to continue the Tundra journey with Nick replacing original drummer, Mike some months later.

Nick was replaced by Martin in 2015 after falling in love only to come back in a few months later when Martin left.