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Jackie Baxters wedding

Throughout the year Tundra are in demand for private bookings and have many years experience in ensuring your event enjoys a great musical show

Our singer Mark will liaise with the bride & groom prior to your wedding day * and will ensure that we work within your schedule.

*  extra charges may apply

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Tundra are an experienced party band and with a wide choice of songs from a range of genres we are always an instant hit with guests of all ages and music preference.

We are able to provide background/disco music in the interval as well as disco lighting throughout the evening.

Our music is infectious and it wont be long before all your guests are up on the dance floor enjoying the evening

Please get in touch to check our availability for bookings & pricing


With a wide variety of popular songs from 7 decades, Tundra are the perfect band for your wedding and our music is guaranteed to appeal to all your family and friends to ensure your special day ends of a high note.

Wedding services include:

Outdoor ecents & festivals


Tundra have a large local following and are well known for being one of the best covers bands in South Gloucestershire.

We are very happy to consider invitations to large public festivals and open events organised by bona fida organisations.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this



Dressed in our black shirts and blue ties we are not only a smart act to book for your club, but also one of the best bands around and always make an impact when we play for the first time at club venues.

Please get in touch to check our availability for bookings & pricing


Although the band is playing at an increasing number of larger venues, we still play regularly in a variety of pubs and enjoy a good local following. As demand for Tundra has increased we now limit our availability for each venue but are always happy to receive enquiries from new venues within 30 - 40 miles of Bristol (prices may vary for venues outside South Gloucestershire)

Please get in touch to check our availability for bookings & pricing


Tundra are happy to consider going on tour for a number of days up to 2 weeks either in the UK or in Europe - please get in touch to discuss